CT Joint Doc

Dr. Scott Stanat MD

Dr. Stanat has been a practicing with Norwich Orthopedic Group, P.C. since 2012.

His primary subspecialty practice focus is on Total Joint Replacement for the hip and knee.  He performs primary (the first time around) and revision (redoing) total joint arthroplasty.  In addition, joint/cartilage preservation surgery, trauma (fractures), and general orthopedics make up the remainder of his practice.

For primary joint replacements he utilizes muscle sparing approaches, bone preserving implants where appropriate.  These include the "Direct Anterior" hip approach and the "Sub-Vastus" knee approach.  In addition, he was fellowship trained in and currently uses the Makoplasty Robotic Arm Computer Navigation for greater surgical precision.

Dr. Stanat manages prior total hip and knee replacements that might require revision from pain, loosening, or infection.  When needed, osteotomies, allograft reconstruction,  and tumor prosthesis in addition to other advanced techniques can be utilized.

Dr. Stanat performs his hip and knee joint replacements at 2 separate hospitals:  William W. Backus Hospitalin Norwich(a Harford Hospital affiliate & Blue Cross Center of Excellence) and the Connecticut Joint Replacement Instituteat St. Francis Hospital in Hartford (one of the leading and highest rated joint replacement centers in the nation).